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A Git server for small-medium sized projects that want to self-host.


createdb valentine
adduser git
cp -r valentine /home/git
su git
cd ~/valentine
./valentine web


  • API - EASY
    • Would need API tokens to be added
  • Webhooks - MEDIUM
    • Git servers are pretty important, so supporting OTP would be good
  • Test with large repositories
  • Replace use of git command
  • Replace git2 with valgit?
  • Better explore view
  • More git info
    • Maybe show what refs point to a commit in commit and log views
    • Maybe show diffs on commit view
  • Permissions
    • Right now only the owner of a repo can push to it, and only the owner can do anything with private repos.
    • We need a way to give users permissions on repositories
      • One way to do this might be a "write_permissions" field for repos which contains a list of users with write access
      • For private repos we also need read/view permission
    • Most places with permission checks have been marked with TODO and the checks will need to be changed. The new check should be straightforward
  • Determine git workflow
    • Valentine just handles displaying repo data, but it should have the machinery to work with tools for a git workflow (bug tracker, code review, etc.)
    • The fork/pull request model will not work for valentine
    • Maybe look at how gerrit works and base something on that?
  • Performance
    • I tested Valentine with the Firefox repo (600k commits) and it works okay
      • On my old laptop initial load took 33 seconds, subsequent loads took 14 seconds
    • GitHub loads Firefox repo quite fast, but this might be because of beefier computers or more data stored in db
    • Firefox repo in Gogs (2016 build) takes 30-45 seconds to load the main view


This projects is licensed under the AGPL.

The SVGs in the images directory are under the CCA4.0 by FontAwesome. This license can be viewed at